Danny Jumpertz carried the torch for me this week while I was on the West Coast. Here’s the most excellent selection that he played:

Zon Tegenover Zand – School Of Two (unreleased) [Adelaide, Australia]
Excerpt from Dreamer of Dreams – Brad Stafford (unreleased) [Sydney, Australia]
Rapid Eye Movement – Radian (Juxtoposition) [Vienna, Austria]
Stomp – Ben Frost (Theory Of Machines) [Iceland]
Blah #1_v1 – Raven (unreleased) [Sydney, Australia]
Tone Poem – Fischerspooner (#1) [NYC, USA]
Books – DSICO (unreleased) [Sydney / London]
Love and a Molotov Cocktail – The Flys [UK]
Fledermaus Can’t Get It – Von Südenfed (Tromatic Reflexxions) [UK/Germany]
Doctor Who (New opening theme 1967) – Delia Derbyshire [UK]
Kirakira – Ill Bravados (Mess and Noise Magazine sampler) [Melbourne, Australia]
If at First you don’t Secede – Anonymeye (The Disambiguation of Anonymeye) [Brisbane, Australia]
Little Tapioca (Part Timer remix) – Underlapper (The Red Spring Remixes) [Sydney, Australia]
What Statisticians Need to Know – Kinski [Where The Sea Meets The Sky] [USA]
Tears in the Typing Pool – Broadcast (Tender Buttons) [UK]
Sorrow, Tears & Blood – Fela Kuti & the Africa 70 [Nigeria]
Landslide / Exoskeleton – Beck (The Information) [USA]
Conversing With Loverboy – ii (Landlakes) [Melbourne, Australia]
Chasing Circles – Broken Chip (POWWOW Seven) [Blue Mountains, Australia]
Swedish Rain – Tooth (unreleased) [Sydney, Australia]
Dayvan Cowboy – Boards Of Canada (Campfire Headphase) [UK]
Nothing’s Gonna Stop – Folk Implosion (Kids soundtrack) [USA]
This Thing – The Besnard Lakes (Volume 1) [Canada]


– OLAIBI Eisa [Japan]
– RIGAS DEN ANDRE I Am Crane [Sweden]
– AN-TEN-NAE & SAMBA Griot [U.S. / Senegal]
– THE CARTEL & NOVA 10 Rainbows [Australia / Indonesia]
– DJ TERRIVEL Kongo [Angola]
– HARMONIC 313 Koln [England]
– MOCHIPET Proloning Forever {Taiwan]
– THEE OH SEE Can You See? [U.S.]
– STRANGER & CAPTAIN DELICIOUS Tea & Anti-Depressants [U.S.]
– VELVET The Big Pink (Gang Gang Dance Remix) [England]
– SHOGUN KUNITOKI Riddarholmen [Finland]
– SPOONBILL Les Lilas [Australia]
– GOTH TRAD The Clown [Japan]
– KU BO Ohjaye (feat. Sara) [Austraia / Ethiopia]
– GUI BORATTO Les Enfants [Brazil]
– THE NIGHT TERRORS Saturnalia [Australia]
– DEVILLE & VIOLET Click [England / Portugal]
– GUDRUN GUT Apples & Pears [Germany]
– NOISEOME A Culinary Evening With Sagawa [Spain]
– UNDERLAPPER Meanderthal (Pretty Boy Crossover Remix) [Australia]
– 3OFMILLIONS Number 13 [Australia]
– MOBTHROW My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow Remixes FSOL) [Greece]
– GROWING Green Flag [U.S.]

– THESE ARE POWERS Parallel Shores [U.S.]
– DEBRUIT Pointy [France]
– SHUGO TOKUMARA Rum Hee (Oorutaichi Remix) [Japan]
– RUMI Fever [Japan]
– TELAFONICA Item Number [Australia]
– MALUCA El Tigeraso [Dominican Republic]
– I.U.D. Glo Balls [U.S.]
– DJ MARCELO E Lola [Angola]
– RAS G Shinelight [U.S.]
– ANONYMEYE Hiddink [Australia]
– ANDRES LOO Introvert Dancer [Estonia]
– EL-B Express [England]
– EL-B Buck N Bury (feat. Juiceman) [England]
– BURIAL Raver [England]
– PEACE IN Morning Earth [U.S.]
– BECAUSE OF GHOSTS Heroes Are People Too [Australia]
– SUBURBAN DARK No Exit [Australia]
– HANNE HUKKELBERG Salt Of The Earth [Norway]
– HARD QUEEN Holiday [China]
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION & GERRY MITCHELL Robot Dialogue [England / Scotland]
– SHED Another wedged Chicken (Martyn’s 131 Remix) [Germany]
– TWO FINGERS Not Perfect (feat. Sway) [Brazil / England]
– KITIMAT 52N126W [Canada]
– LIQUID VEGA Black Thunder [England]

Download tracks from These Are Powers and Three Trapped Tigers, plus the recent Disorient interview with Karin Driejer Andersson aka Fever Ray, at our companion blog, Discontent: www.discontentblog.com.

Groupmegroup on the Disorient Facebook group: facebook.com


– WHITE Build A Link [China]
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION Ramp (feat. V.E.X.) [England]
– MEANDERTHALS Andromeda (Prelude To The Future) [Norway / England]
– MI AMI Pressure [U.S.]
– 123-AMAZING Automatic [Australia]
– JENNY WILSON Pass Me The Salt [Sweden]
– TIM EXILE Bad Dust {Germany]
– POTATO MASTER & BP Dub Sentou [Japan / Australia]
– WILLOW Think About That [Australia]
– SALEM Brustreet [U.S.]
– MILLIE Path To Hell (Redemption Mix) [England]
– GREAT EARTHQUAKE Patterns In Nature (Part 4) [Australia]
– INVERNESS Bats [Brazil]
– FLETCHER Dreadlox Dub [South Africa]
– YOT Feeling The Real Feeling [Finland]
– CLEPTOCLECTICS Tribute To Frank’s Tribute To Joseph [Australia]
– ROTHIS BOURNIAS Last Days – 2 [Greece]
– WIREMAN Axiom [Scotland]
– CULT OF THE 13TH HOUR Wickedness (Version) [England]


– WHITE ‘Build A Link’ – download at Disorient’s companion music blog, Discontent. On Discontent this week, you’ll also music from another Chinese band, OURSELF BESIDE ME
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION – download ‘Trycycle‘ (from the same EP as tonight’s track ‘Ramp’) from The Fader
– SALEM ‘Brustreet’ – also available from Discontent
– INVERNESS ‘Bats’ – download the album ‘Forest Fortress’ including the track ‘Bats’ at their Myspace
– FLETCHER ‘Dreadlox Dub’ – download from African Dope
– ROTHIS BOURNIAS ‘Last Days – 2’ – download via Sinewave

– ARCHITEQ Birds Of Prey (Kelpe Remix) [Scotland]
– MOBTHROW Jazz Monsta [Greece]
– I BURIED PAUL Favola [Brazil]
– SHOGUN KUNITOKI Mulberg [Finland]
– SPARTAK Sunstrokes [Australia]
– FLORENE Room 5 {U.S.]
– MARK PRITCHARD The Hologram (Original Mix) [England]
– NEWHAM GENERALS Head Get Mangled Dubstramental (Remix) [England]
– FRIKSTAILERS To Com Saudade (feat. MC Maiquinho) [Argentina]
– MEXICAN INSTIUTE OF SOUND Alocatel (Add Rock Remix) [Mexico]
– AN-TEN-NAE Excursion In Acid [Canada]
– MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER The Womb [France]
– 10:32 Harditry [Australia]
– KODE 9 & BADAWI Den Of Drumz [England / Israel]
– OPIUO Russian Beaver Munch (feat. Lucien & Rakka) [Australia]
– LIQUID LIQUID Rubbermiro (Tim Goldsworthy Remix) [U.S.]
– SVEN SIMULACRUM & NOVA Half Freestlye [Australia / Indonesia]
– FILASTINE Marxa [U.S.]
– VEX’D & WARRIOR QUEEN Take Time Out [England / Jamaica]
– MRS QEADA Sex Continuum [Sweden]
– KEIRAN Hypermarket [Australia]
– ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE BRAIN DEAD What You Get (Part Timer Remix) [Germany]


  • ‘Favola’ by I BURIED PAUL is taken from ‘The 633 EP’, download for free from Sinewave at sinewave.br
  • The MEXICAN INSTIUTE OF SOUND track, ‘Alocatel (Add Rock Remix)’ can be found at rcrdlbl.com
  • Grab the NOVA & SVEN SIMULACRUM collaboration “Half Freestyle’ at uberlingua.com

– FUCK BUTTONS Ribs Out [England]
– MOBTHROW Deathstep [Greece]
– TWO FINGERS Keman Rhythm [Brazil / England]
– KING CANNIBAL & JAHCOOZI Murder Us [England / Germany]
– HUELEPEGA SOUND SYSTEM Do You Think I’m Freaky? [Canada]
– MASHY P Hyphee Cumbia [Australia]
– MI AMI Ark (Monkey Chant – Maximillion Dunbar Remix) [U.S.]
– BOREDOMS Ant10 (Remix by DJ Finger Hat) [Japan]
– THE GREAT MUNDANE Wires (DJ Slouch In The Mash Up) [U.S.]
– SEVERED HEADS That That Revolves [Australia]
– I BURIED PAUL Maat [Brazil]
– HAFIDA Tifrkin Tena Ourtahlin + Ghayli Ghayteflt [Morocco]
– SIN FANG BOUS Clangour & Flutes [Iceland]
– TOUCH TYPIST A Laughing Mouth [Australia]
– AGF / DELAY Get Lost [Germany]
– KODE9 2 Far Gone [England]
– LD Traumatic Times [England]
– JOVENES Y SEXYS El Reloj [Mexico]
– SHOEB AHMAD Headlights In My Eyes (Cleptoclectics Mix) [Australia]
– TENNISCOATS Sitting By [Japan]
– MICACHU Lips (LV Remix) [England]
– MOONDOG Invocation [U.S.]

Thanks to Danny Jumpertz for filling in for me last week, here’s the tracks Danny played on the show:

Theory of machines – Ben Frost (Iceland / Australia)
Elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soul – The KLF (Scotland)
Less to lose – Sounds like sunset (Australia)
Dr Buck’s letter – The fall (England)
Economic Warfare – Eigenface Der Zyklus / Naomi Klein / Andrew Chuter (Australia / Germany / USA)
Tonto – Battles (USA)
Vacation, asphyxia, vacation – The ladies (USA)
Standing On Wires – Do re mi (Australia)
Burnt out moons – Spring tides & Afla Cey (Australia / Ghana)
Like a rolling stone – Cornelius (Japan)
Double rail – Pan American (USA)
31.28 – Assemblage (Germany / Australia)
Glacial Speed – The Longest Day (Australia)
Where there’s a will, there’s a whalebone – Islands (Canada)
Yes I do – Chicks on speed (Germany)
Top of the hill, bottom of the valley…. Uhhh – Scissors For Sparrow (Australia)
Hall of annexed records – Ill bravados (Australia)
Dare to tread – Tall dwarfs (New Zealand)
Cyclic – Buffalo Daughter (Japan)

– ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Jay Rules [France]
– EBONY BONES Don’t Fart On My Heart [England]
– MUTAMASSIK Commo The Rag (Claws Costeau’s All Dirty Remix) [Egypt]
– GHOSTS OF TELEVISION Furthest Village From The Sun (Mailer Daemon Remix) [Australia]
– UNSEXY NERD PONIES El Futuro En 1982 [Mexico]
– PHOKUS Mash Up Di Place [Germany]
– ZOVALOKA Inhale [Ukraine]
– BLACK DICE Glazin’ [U.S.]
– RICARDO TOBAR Psprf Frame {Chile]
– ULRICH SCHNAUSS On My Own (Robin Guthrie Mix) [Germany]
– TERMINAL SOUND SYSTEM Dustbox [Australia]
– FM BELFAST Killing In The Name Of (Lotus) [Iceland]
– GHOUL Swimming Pool (Remix) [Australia]
– FOOD OF THE GODS Poison Apple [England / Japan]
– GYRATORY SYSTEM Thermidor [England]
– ORO 11 Pum Pum Cumbia [Argentina]
– FEVER RAY When I Grow Up (Scuba’s Straight Down Mix) [Sweden]
– BERRETTAZ Pense A [Cote d’Ivorie]
– KID606 Raving Cain (Doshy Remix) [Venezuela]
– A MADE UP SOUND Piste 05 [Netherlands]
– AMERPSAND Fish Markets [Australia]

Some of tonight’s tracks are culled from free to download releases: d/l Mutamassik Remix from Run Riot Records | Three Trapped Tigers via my Discontent blog | Unsexy Nerd Ponies, get the album at Poni Republic | and Berrettaz from CIAfrica, check CIA History Part 2 on their MurdochSpace.

– WOOLFY Oh Missy (In Flagranti’s Meat Packing Mix) [U.S.]
– CLARK Growl’s Garden [England]
– SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS Trance Figure (Nobody Remix) [U.S.]
– CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO Bucetao (feat. MC Pretinho) [Argentina]
– FOOD OF THE GODS Boy From Brazil [England / Japan]
– DJ FOUNDATION VS COMPUTADORS Going Out (Computadors Remix) [Iraq / Australia]
– STARKEY Let You Go [U.S.]
– DJ MUJAVA Township Funk (Ikonika’s Nexus 6 Remix) [South Africa]
– KALBATA & WARRIOR QUEEN Shooting Range [Israel / Jamaica]
– THESE ARE POWERS Easy Answers [U.S.]
– 10:32 Blue Little [Australia]
– SMYCKEN Waterworld [Sweden]
– SEEKAE Halley Wars [Australia]
– PIMMON Dervieux [Australia]

– LLOOP Lei-Tzu [U.S.]
– LLOOP Bbulbs 4 [U.S.]
– LLOOP The Cholas [U.S.]

– OBLIO Faculty Of Reincarnation [Switzerland]
– NASTY Jreste Une Hard [Cote d’Ivorie]
– TONY OHEIX Galaxy On The Table [France]
– M.O.R. Palm Trees [Australia]

It might well be Mardi Gras in the city of sin this weekend, but there’s plenty of non-fluroescent activity to be had.  I played a new track from the forthcoming Pimmon album ‘Smudge Another Yesterday’ ahead of his gig tomorrow night, playing with Grouper (U.S.) and Seaworthy at Serial Space (info).  Also tmrw, Starkey plays with Halfcast, Semper Fi, Victim, Farj and Moriarty at Phoenix Bar in Oxford Street (info) – tonight’s track ‘Let You Go’ can be found on his 2007 EP, ‘NC-17’ (buy at Boomkat).  Next week, Pivot are covering their tracks, billing themselves as ‘Fire Island’ for a pre-tour farewell appearance at the Hopetoun with Seekae, Wednesday 11th March from 8pm (info).

For those not quite in the know, Disorient has a blog sibling called Discontent.  You can find it at www.discontentblog.com.  This week, there’s downloads of some of the tracks from tonight’s show: the tunes from These Are Powers & Lloop – plus mp3 takeaways from Gouseion, Mutamassik, Artemis Jackson, YSLE, Prefuse 73 and Fol Chen (remixed by Liars).

Playlist: 26th February 2009

February 26, 2009

– PEACE IN Pyramid Of Sun In The Heavens [U.S.]
– MEDICINE & DUTY Jury Rigged [England]
– MARTYN Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Cleane Mix) [Netherlands]
– NISENNENMONDAI Ikkyokume (Neji Version) [Japan]
– VORAD FILS Android Creche [Australia]
– CAUTO Despertar [Spain]
– SALEM Minemine [U.S.[
– QUAD THROW SALCHOW Unwelcome Guest [England]

– FEVER RAY When I Grow Up [Sweden]
– FEVER RAY Triangle Walks [Sweden]
– FEVER RAY Coconut [Sweden]

– UNDERLAPPER Meanderthal (Cleptoclectics Remix) [Australia]
– CLEPTOCLECTICS Deferred Happiness Syndrome [Australia]
– TREMOR Caracol [Argentina]
– FULGEANCE Chcio (Dorian Concept Remix) [France]

– MUTAMASSIK Commo The Rag [Egypt]
– MUTAMASSIK Raqs Sharqi Scratch [Egypt]
– MUTAMASSIK Commando Jump [Egypt]
– MUTAMASSIK High Alert A’al Geddu (feat. 4th Pyramid) [Egypt]

– LITHOPS Inductech [Germany]
– PSYCHIC ILLS Fingernail Tea [U.S.]
– SPARTAK Ostpolitik (Ost Is Ost Mix by Part Timer) [Australia]