DISORIENT: 14th May 2009

May 14, 2009


– SIBOT 12345 [South Africa]
– MOLEKE MBEMBE War On Words [South Africa]
– MAGA BO & TEBA Nqayi [U.S. / South Africa]
– KIIIIII! Hot But Milky Like Hot Milk [Japan]
– HUELEPEGA SOUNDSYSTEM Todos Tus Muertos vs Plasticians Dub [Canada]
– SALEM OhK [U.S.]
– DJ MAXXIMUS Neo (Shackleton’s Neo BLN Remix) [Germany]
– THE DEAD SEA Banquet [Australia]
– HOUNDS OF HATE I Like Triangles [England]
– BATTLESNAKE The Integrity Unit [Australia]
– SLOUCH The Wires (Skyline EP Version) [U.S.]
– S.A.T.K.A. Standard Deviance [Belgium]
– NO ART Fight In The Nocturnal House [Australia]
– INVERNESS Your Eyes Are Flowers Of Light [Brazil]
– DJ FOUNDATION I Shot You Babe [Iraq]
– ARCHITEQ Birds Of Prey (Jackihigh Remix) [Scotland]
– DJ C & JORGE STYLO Juce [U.S. / Brazil]
– DISTANCE Traffic (Goth Trad Remix) [England]
– NIGHT TERRORS Glass Eyes [Australia]
– BURIAL & FOUR TET Wolf Cub [England]
– ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Betrayed In The Octagon [U.S.]
– SAKURA NIGHT Sky Ferreira [U.S.]
– VORAD FILS Android Creche [Australia]
– TREMELO AUDIO Nylon 2 (Trifasico Remix by Tremor) [Mexico]


– S.A.T.K.A. ‘Standard Deviance’ can be found (along with around 20 other tracks and a free Tetris-variant game) on ‘Tetroid 2012’, free to download at entity.be

– INVERNESS ‘Your Eyes Are Flowers Of Light’ is taken from their album ‘Forest For Trees’ which you can DL in its entirety at myspace.com/invernessbrasil

– an mp3 of VORAD FILS ‘Android Creche’ can be found at Disorient’s companion blog ‘Discontent‘, along with two tracks from the brand new (and uniformly staggering) album from TORTOISE


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