May 8, 2009

Danny Jumpertz carried the torch for me this week while I was on the West Coast. Here’s the most excellent selection that he played:

Zon Tegenover Zand – School Of Two (unreleased) [Adelaide, Australia]
Excerpt from Dreamer of Dreams – Brad Stafford (unreleased) [Sydney, Australia]
Rapid Eye Movement – Radian (Juxtoposition) [Vienna, Austria]
Stomp – Ben Frost (Theory Of Machines) [Iceland]
Blah #1_v1 – Raven (unreleased) [Sydney, Australia]
Tone Poem – Fischerspooner (#1) [NYC, USA]
Books – DSICO (unreleased) [Sydney / London]
Love and a Molotov Cocktail – The Flys [UK]
Fledermaus Can’t Get It – Von Südenfed (Tromatic Reflexxions) [UK/Germany]
Doctor Who (New opening theme 1967) – Delia Derbyshire [UK]
Kirakira – Ill Bravados (Mess and Noise Magazine sampler) [Melbourne, Australia]
If at First you don’t Secede – Anonymeye (The Disambiguation of Anonymeye) [Brisbane, Australia]
Little Tapioca (Part Timer remix) – Underlapper (The Red Spring Remixes) [Sydney, Australia]
What Statisticians Need to Know – Kinski [Where The Sea Meets The Sky] [USA]
Tears in the Typing Pool – Broadcast (Tender Buttons) [UK]
Sorrow, Tears & Blood – Fela Kuti & the Africa 70 [Nigeria]
Landslide / Exoskeleton – Beck (The Information) [USA]
Conversing With Loverboy – ii (Landlakes) [Melbourne, Australia]
Chasing Circles – Broken Chip (POWWOW Seven) [Blue Mountains, Australia]
Swedish Rain – Tooth (unreleased) [Sydney, Australia]
Dayvan Cowboy – Boards Of Canada (Campfire Headphase) [UK]
Nothing’s Gonna Stop – Folk Implosion (Kids soundtrack) [USA]
This Thing – The Besnard Lakes (Volume 1) [Canada]


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