PLAYLIST: 2nd April 2009

April 2, 2009

– FUCK BUTTONS Ribs Out [England]
– MOBTHROW Deathstep [Greece]
– TWO FINGERS Keman Rhythm [Brazil / England]
– KING CANNIBAL & JAHCOOZI Murder Us [England / Germany]
– HUELEPEGA SOUND SYSTEM Do You Think I’m Freaky? [Canada]
– MASHY P Hyphee Cumbia [Australia]
– MI AMI Ark (Monkey Chant – Maximillion Dunbar Remix) [U.S.]
– BOREDOMS Ant10 (Remix by DJ Finger Hat) [Japan]
– THE GREAT MUNDANE Wires (DJ Slouch In The Mash Up) [U.S.]
– SEVERED HEADS That That Revolves [Australia]
– I BURIED PAUL Maat [Brazil]
– HAFIDA Tifrkin Tena Ourtahlin + Ghayli Ghayteflt [Morocco]
– SIN FANG BOUS Clangour & Flutes [Iceland]
– TOUCH TYPIST A Laughing Mouth [Australia]
– AGF / DELAY Get Lost [Germany]
– KODE9 2 Far Gone [England]
– LD Traumatic Times [England]
– JOVENES Y SEXYS El Reloj [Mexico]
– SHOEB AHMAD Headlights In My Eyes (Cleptoclectics Mix) [Australia]
– TENNISCOATS Sitting By [Japan]
– MICACHU Lips (LV Remix) [England]
– MOONDOG Invocation [U.S.]


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