– OLAIBI Eisa [Japan]
– RIGAS DEN ANDRE I Am Crane [Sweden]
– AN-TEN-NAE & SAMBA Griot [U.S. / Senegal]
– THE CARTEL & NOVA 10 Rainbows [Australia / Indonesia]
– DJ TERRIVEL Kongo [Angola]
– HARMONIC 313 Koln [England]
– MOCHIPET Proloning Forever {Taiwan]
– THEE OH SEE Can You See? [U.S.]
– STRANGER & CAPTAIN DELICIOUS Tea & Anti-Depressants [U.S.]
– VELVET The Big Pink (Gang Gang Dance Remix) [England]
– SHOGUN KUNITOKI Riddarholmen [Finland]
– SPOONBILL Les Lilas [Australia]
– GOTH TRAD The Clown [Japan]
– KU BO Ohjaye (feat. Sara) [Austraia / Ethiopia]
– GUI BORATTO Les Enfants [Brazil]
– THE NIGHT TERRORS Saturnalia [Australia]
– DEVILLE & VIOLET Click [England / Portugal]
– GUDRUN GUT Apples & Pears [Germany]
– NOISEOME A Culinary Evening With Sagawa [Spain]
– UNDERLAPPER Meanderthal (Pretty Boy Crossover Remix) [Australia]
– 3OFMILLIONS Number 13 [Australia]
– MOBTHROW My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow Remixes FSOL) [Greece]
– GROWING Green Flag [U.S.]


– THESE ARE POWERS Parallel Shores [U.S.]
– DEBRUIT Pointy [France]
– SHUGO TOKUMARA Rum Hee (Oorutaichi Remix) [Japan]
– RUMI Fever [Japan]
– TELAFONICA Item Number [Australia]
– MALUCA El Tigeraso [Dominican Republic]
– I.U.D. Glo Balls [U.S.]
– DJ MARCELO E Lola [Angola]
– RAS G Shinelight [U.S.]
– ANONYMEYE Hiddink [Australia]
– ANDRES LOO Introvert Dancer [Estonia]
– EL-B Express [England]
– EL-B Buck N Bury (feat. Juiceman) [England]
– BURIAL Raver [England]
– PEACE IN Morning Earth [U.S.]
– BECAUSE OF GHOSTS Heroes Are People Too [Australia]
– SUBURBAN DARK No Exit [Australia]
– HANNE HUKKELBERG Salt Of The Earth [Norway]
– HARD QUEEN Holiday [China]
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION & GERRY MITCHELL Robot Dialogue [England / Scotland]
– SHED Another wedged Chicken (Martyn’s 131 Remix) [Germany]
– TWO FINGERS Not Perfect (feat. Sway) [Brazil / England]
– KITIMAT 52N126W [Canada]
– LIQUID VEGA Black Thunder [England]

Download tracks from These Are Powers and Three Trapped Tigers, plus the recent Disorient interview with Karin Driejer Andersson aka Fever Ray, at our companion blog, Discontent: www.discontentblog.com.

Groupmegroup on the Disorient Facebook group: facebook.com


– WHITE Build A Link [China]
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION Ramp (feat. V.E.X.) [England]
– MEANDERTHALS Andromeda (Prelude To The Future) [Norway / England]
– MI AMI Pressure [U.S.]
– 123-AMAZING Automatic [Australia]
– JENNY WILSON Pass Me The Salt [Sweden]
– TIM EXILE Bad Dust {Germany]
– POTATO MASTER & BP Dub Sentou [Japan / Australia]
– WILLOW Think About That [Australia]
– SALEM Brustreet [U.S.]
– MILLIE Path To Hell (Redemption Mix) [England]
– GREAT EARTHQUAKE Patterns In Nature (Part 4) [Australia]
– INVERNESS Bats [Brazil]
– FLETCHER Dreadlox Dub [South Africa]
– YOT Feeling The Real Feeling [Finland]
– CLEPTOCLECTICS Tribute To Frank’s Tribute To Joseph [Australia]
– ROTHIS BOURNIAS Last Days – 2 [Greece]
– WIREMAN Axiom [Scotland]
– CULT OF THE 13TH HOUR Wickedness (Version) [England]


– WHITE ‘Build A Link’ – download at Disorient’s companion music blog, Discontent. On Discontent this week, you’ll also music from another Chinese band, OURSELF BESIDE ME
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION – download ‘Trycycle‘ (from the same EP as tonight’s track ‘Ramp’) from The Fader
– SALEM ‘Brustreet’ – also available from Discontent
– INVERNESS ‘Bats’ – download the album ‘Forest Fortress’ including the track ‘Bats’ at their Myspace
– FLETCHER ‘Dreadlox Dub’ – download from African Dope
– ROTHIS BOURNIAS ‘Last Days – 2’ – download via Sinewave

– ARCHITEQ Birds Of Prey (Kelpe Remix) [Scotland]
– MOBTHROW Jazz Monsta [Greece]
– I BURIED PAUL Favola [Brazil]
– SHOGUN KUNITOKI Mulberg [Finland]
– SPARTAK Sunstrokes [Australia]
– FLORENE Room 5 {U.S.]
– MARK PRITCHARD The Hologram (Original Mix) [England]
– NEWHAM GENERALS Head Get Mangled Dubstramental (Remix) [England]
– FRIKSTAILERS To Com Saudade (feat. MC Maiquinho) [Argentina]
– MEXICAN INSTIUTE OF SOUND Alocatel (Add Rock Remix) [Mexico]
– AN-TEN-NAE Excursion In Acid [Canada]
– MISS KITTIN & THE HACKER The Womb [France]
– 10:32 Harditry [Australia]
– KODE 9 & BADAWI Den Of Drumz [England / Israel]
– OPIUO Russian Beaver Munch (feat. Lucien & Rakka) [Australia]
– LIQUID LIQUID Rubbermiro (Tim Goldsworthy Remix) [U.S.]
– SVEN SIMULACRUM & NOVA Half Freestlye [Australia / Indonesia]
– FILASTINE Marxa [U.S.]
– VEX’D & WARRIOR QUEEN Take Time Out [England / Jamaica]
– MRS QEADA Sex Continuum [Sweden]
– KEIRAN Hypermarket [Australia]
– ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE BRAIN DEAD What You Get (Part Timer Remix) [Germany]


  • ‘Favola’ by I BURIED PAUL is taken from ‘The 633 EP’, download for free from Sinewave at sinewave.br
  • The MEXICAN INSTIUTE OF SOUND track, ‘Alocatel (Add Rock Remix)’ can be found at rcrdlbl.com
  • Grab the NOVA & SVEN SIMULACRUM collaboration “Half Freestyle’ at uberlingua.com

– FUCK BUTTONS Ribs Out [England]
– MOBTHROW Deathstep [Greece]
– TWO FINGERS Keman Rhythm [Brazil / England]
– KING CANNIBAL & JAHCOOZI Murder Us [England / Germany]
– HUELEPEGA SOUND SYSTEM Do You Think I’m Freaky? [Canada]
– MASHY P Hyphee Cumbia [Australia]
– MI AMI Ark (Monkey Chant – Maximillion Dunbar Remix) [U.S.]
– BOREDOMS Ant10 (Remix by DJ Finger Hat) [Japan]
– THE GREAT MUNDANE Wires (DJ Slouch In The Mash Up) [U.S.]
– SEVERED HEADS That That Revolves [Australia]
– I BURIED PAUL Maat [Brazil]
– HAFIDA Tifrkin Tena Ourtahlin + Ghayli Ghayteflt [Morocco]
– SIN FANG BOUS Clangour & Flutes [Iceland]
– TOUCH TYPIST A Laughing Mouth [Australia]
– AGF / DELAY Get Lost [Germany]
– KODE9 2 Far Gone [England]
– LD Traumatic Times [England]
– JOVENES Y SEXYS El Reloj [Mexico]
– SHOEB AHMAD Headlights In My Eyes (Cleptoclectics Mix) [Australia]
– TENNISCOATS Sitting By [Japan]
– MICACHU Lips (LV Remix) [England]
– MOONDOG Invocation [U.S.]