Playlist: 19th March 2009

March 19, 2009

– ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Jay Rules [France]
– EBONY BONES Don’t Fart On My Heart [England]
– MUTAMASSIK Commo The Rag (Claws Costeau’s All Dirty Remix) [Egypt]
– GHOSTS OF TELEVISION Furthest Village From The Sun (Mailer Daemon Remix) [Australia]
– UNSEXY NERD PONIES El Futuro En 1982 [Mexico]
– PHOKUS Mash Up Di Place [Germany]
– ZOVALOKA Inhale [Ukraine]
– BLACK DICE Glazin’ [U.S.]
– RICARDO TOBAR Psprf Frame {Chile]
– ULRICH SCHNAUSS On My Own (Robin Guthrie Mix) [Germany]
– TERMINAL SOUND SYSTEM Dustbox [Australia]
– FM BELFAST Killing In The Name Of (Lotus) [Iceland]
– GHOUL Swimming Pool (Remix) [Australia]
– FOOD OF THE GODS Poison Apple [England / Japan]
– GYRATORY SYSTEM Thermidor [England]
– ORO 11 Pum Pum Cumbia [Argentina]
– FEVER RAY When I Grow Up (Scuba’s Straight Down Mix) [Sweden]
– BERRETTAZ Pense A [Cote d’Ivorie]
– KID606 Raving Cain (Doshy Remix) [Venezuela]
– A MADE UP SOUND Piste 05 [Netherlands]
– AMERPSAND Fish Markets [Australia]

Some of tonight’s tracks are culled from free to download releases: d/l Mutamassik Remix from Run Riot Records | Three Trapped Tigers via my Discontent blog | Unsexy Nerd Ponies, get the album at Poni Republic | and Berrettaz from CIAfrica, check CIA History Part 2 on their MurdochSpace.


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