Thanks to Danny Jumpertz for filling in for me last week, here’s the tracks Danny played on the show:

Theory of machines – Ben Frost (Iceland / Australia)
Elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soul – The KLF (Scotland)
Less to lose – Sounds like sunset (Australia)
Dr Buck’s letter – The fall (England)
Economic Warfare – Eigenface Der Zyklus / Naomi Klein / Andrew Chuter (Australia / Germany / USA)
Tonto – Battles (USA)
Vacation, asphyxia, vacation – The ladies (USA)
Standing On Wires – Do re mi (Australia)
Burnt out moons – Spring tides & Afla Cey (Australia / Ghana)
Like a rolling stone – Cornelius (Japan)
Double rail – Pan American (USA)
31.28 – Assemblage (Germany / Australia)
Glacial Speed – The Longest Day (Australia)
Where there’s a will, there’s a whalebone – Islands (Canada)
Yes I do – Chicks on speed (Germany)
Top of the hill, bottom of the valley…. Uhhh – Scissors For Sparrow (Australia)
Hall of annexed records – Ill bravados (Australia)
Dare to tread – Tall dwarfs (New Zealand)
Cyclic – Buffalo Daughter (Japan)


– ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Jay Rules [France]
– EBONY BONES Don’t Fart On My Heart [England]
– MUTAMASSIK Commo The Rag (Claws Costeau’s All Dirty Remix) [Egypt]
– GHOSTS OF TELEVISION Furthest Village From The Sun (Mailer Daemon Remix) [Australia]
– UNSEXY NERD PONIES El Futuro En 1982 [Mexico]
– PHOKUS Mash Up Di Place [Germany]
– ZOVALOKA Inhale [Ukraine]
– BLACK DICE Glazin’ [U.S.]
– RICARDO TOBAR Psprf Frame {Chile]
– ULRICH SCHNAUSS On My Own (Robin Guthrie Mix) [Germany]
– TERMINAL SOUND SYSTEM Dustbox [Australia]
– FM BELFAST Killing In The Name Of (Lotus) [Iceland]
– GHOUL Swimming Pool (Remix) [Australia]
– FOOD OF THE GODS Poison Apple [England / Japan]
– GYRATORY SYSTEM Thermidor [England]
– ORO 11 Pum Pum Cumbia [Argentina]
– FEVER RAY When I Grow Up (Scuba’s Straight Down Mix) [Sweden]
– BERRETTAZ Pense A [Cote d’Ivorie]
– KID606 Raving Cain (Doshy Remix) [Venezuela]
– A MADE UP SOUND Piste 05 [Netherlands]
– AMERPSAND Fish Markets [Australia]

Some of tonight’s tracks are culled from free to download releases: d/l Mutamassik Remix from Run Riot Records | Three Trapped Tigers via my Discontent blog | Unsexy Nerd Ponies, get the album at Poni Republic | and Berrettaz from CIAfrica, check CIA History Part 2 on their MurdochSpace.

– LENEKO Akedam [France]
– TEETH MOUNTAIN Ghost Science [U.S.]
– VARIOUS PRODUCTION Something For Thee Soft Verge [England]
– MAGA BO & K-LIBRE Analyse D’Amour (Ghislain Poirier Remix) [U.S. / Morocco]
– KEIRAN Linear Blend & Blur [Australia]
– CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO Damas Gratis Dub [Argentina]
– TANLINES Bejan [U.S.]
– KU BO Kaggua (feat. Tshila) [Austria / Uganda]
– WILLOW Think About That [Australia]
– HIDROGENESSE Fuig Llop Fuig [Spain]
– QUARTA 330 Sabacco [Japan]
– FAUX PAS Live From Doom [Australia]
– MOUNTAINS IN THE SKY X-Gamma [Australia]
– DEADBEAT Sun People (Dub Divisionaire) [Canada]
– POCAHAUNTED Ghetto Ballet [U.S.]
– EN VENTURA Orvonton [Mexico]
– FAUST Lass Mich, Version Originale [Germany]

– PJVM Finnish Bacon [Finland]
– TAKOMO Bombman [Finland]
– CLOUDS Trinity Session (Ras Amerlock Mix) [Finland]
– MESAK The International [Finland]

Tracks from Deadbeat and Mountains In The Sky both counted towards gigs that the guys are playing in Sydney tomorrow: Deadbeat headlines ‘Dance Party Of The Millennium’ at Serial Space in Chippendale along with Toecutter, Mike Tyson, DJ Sallinger and more. Check the Facebook page for all the info. In Darlinghust, Toecutter pops up for a second time, this time in support of Mountains In The Sky, billed with Spod, Sleater Brockman and Wedding Ring Finger at Oxford Art Factory.

I’ll be playing some dirty bass, dubstep, wonky & other excursions this Saturday night at HEADROOM at the Brighton Up Bar, 77 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Also on the line-up: Ed Seven and residents Monk Fly and Jonny Faith. $5 door tax. Set times: 10: Headroom DJs, 11: EdSeven, 12: Jonny Faith, 1: Me, 2: Mr Monk Fly. More info on Headroom at

My MacBookPro wound up in the Mac hospital this week, getting its brain replaced with a new HD, so updates on the Discontent blog have been 100% invisible. More coming soon once the silver dream machine returns to its rightful home. I did find time to upload an old Fat Planet mixtape from 2005 at – download the zip file with music from Stacs Of Stamina, Enduser, Nettle, Konono No.1 and more.

– WOOLFY Oh Missy (In Flagranti’s Meat Packing Mix) [U.S.]
– CLARK Growl’s Garden [England]
– SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS Trance Figure (Nobody Remix) [U.S.]
– CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO Bucetao (feat. MC Pretinho) [Argentina]
– FOOD OF THE GODS Boy From Brazil [England / Japan]
– DJ FOUNDATION VS COMPUTADORS Going Out (Computadors Remix) [Iraq / Australia]
– STARKEY Let You Go [U.S.]
– DJ MUJAVA Township Funk (Ikonika’s Nexus 6 Remix) [South Africa]
– KALBATA & WARRIOR QUEEN Shooting Range [Israel / Jamaica]
– THESE ARE POWERS Easy Answers [U.S.]
– 10:32 Blue Little [Australia]
– SMYCKEN Waterworld [Sweden]
– SEEKAE Halley Wars [Australia]
– PIMMON Dervieux [Australia]

– LLOOP Lei-Tzu [U.S.]
– LLOOP Bbulbs 4 [U.S.]
– LLOOP The Cholas [U.S.]

– OBLIO Faculty Of Reincarnation [Switzerland]
– NASTY Jreste Une Hard [Cote d’Ivorie]
– TONY OHEIX Galaxy On The Table [France]
– M.O.R. Palm Trees [Australia]

It might well be Mardi Gras in the city of sin this weekend, but there’s plenty of non-fluroescent activity to be had.  I played a new track from the forthcoming Pimmon album ‘Smudge Another Yesterday’ ahead of his gig tomorrow night, playing with Grouper (U.S.) and Seaworthy at Serial Space (info).  Also tmrw, Starkey plays with Halfcast, Semper Fi, Victim, Farj and Moriarty at Phoenix Bar in Oxford Street (info) – tonight’s track ‘Let You Go’ can be found on his 2007 EP, ‘NC-17’ (buy at Boomkat).  Next week, Pivot are covering their tracks, billing themselves as ‘Fire Island’ for a pre-tour farewell appearance at the Hopetoun with Seekae, Wednesday 11th March from 8pm (info).

For those not quite in the know, Disorient has a blog sibling called Discontent.  You can find it at  This week, there’s downloads of some of the tracks from tonight’s show: the tunes from These Are Powers & Lloop – plus mp3 takeaways from Gouseion, Mutamassik, Artemis Jackson, YSLE, Prefuse 73 and Fol Chen (remixed by Liars).

On this week’s DISORIENT: Iraq’s DJ Foundation gets into bed with Sydney’s Computadors; there’s a preview of the new EP from Clark; Israel’s Kalbata team up with Jamaican MC Warrior Queen and Hyperdub’s dubstep girl Ikonika treats South Africa’s DJ Mujava to a low-end remix of ‘Township Funk’. Plus this week’s ‘Disorientation Session’ mixes tracks from Rich Panciera, one of the early players in the original ‘Illbient’ scene, including tracks from his brand new album under his Lloop guise, titled ’60 Hertz’.

9pm Thursday Australian EST |