Playlist: 19th February 2009

February 19, 2009


– FANTASTIKOI HXOI Eidiko Varos [Greece]
– SPOELSTRA I Got Issues The Shape Of Italy [Netherlands]
– GYRATORY SYSTEM Utility Music [England]
– SPRING TIDES & AFLA CEY Burnt Out Moons (England / Ghana)
– GHOUL Fuck Math (Australia)
– COCONOT Tao (Spain)
– FULGEANCE I Luv U [France]
– KING COYA Y SU COMBO CUMBIERO Cumbiatron [Argentina]
– SEEKAE At The Risk Of Succeeding [Australia]
– UNDERLAPPER Left Wing Guardian (Broken Chip Remix) [Australia]
– AGF Disturbia [Germany]
– MI AMI Peacetalks / Downer [U.S.]
– OTAK AND CHAIR Pusi Buri [Indonesia]
– TELFONICA Norhing Ventured [Australia]
– CARDOPUSHER Collapsible Shelter [Venezuela]
– ZOMBY Memories (Darkstar Remix) [England]
– KASAI ALL STARS Beyond The 7th Moon [Democratic Republic of the Congo]

– BOREDOMS Ant 10 [Japan]
– BOREDOMS 7~ (Ewe Remix) [Japan]
– BLACK DICE Endless Happiness (EYE Remix) [U.S.]
– BOREDOMS Super Frake 009 [Japan]
– LINDSTROM The Contemporary Fix (EYE Remix) [Norway]

– LUMINARSI Rock Out With Your Glock Out [Australia]


GIGS: Mentioned tonight: SEEKAE playing with FLYING FOXES and HOT LITTLE HANDS at Spectrum, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst this Saturday (21st), plus TELEFONICA in Sound System Mode with TRUE LOVE CHAOS and LUNAR MODULE at The Excelsior in Surry Hills, Sunday 8th March.  Didn’t get a chance to play a track from them, but do check Adrian Klumpes and Shoeb Ahmad in their KLUMPES AHMAD guise, this Sunday (22nd) at Stone Gallery, 365 Oxford St, Paddington (Afternoon Gig 3:30-6:00).

NEXT WEEK ON DISORIENT: an exclusive interview with THE KNIFE’s Karin Dreijer – talking about life after ‘Silent Shout’ and the birth of her new FEVER RAY project.  Plus this week’s Disorientation Session features tracks from Egyptian producer and sound artist MUTAMASSIK, celebrating her new release ‘The Commo EP’, and there’s tunes from CAUTO, PSYCHIC ILLS, CLEPTOCLECTICS and the Mouse On Mars experimental side project LITHOPS.


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